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Forget the hassles of publishing your book on Amazon. We will take your manuscript and turn it into the best possible version of a full-fledged self published book on Amazon KDP under your name.

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Book publishing is a rocky road to tread on for someone who hasn’t charted those paths before. After putting your blood and sweat into writing a book, it shouldn’t be acceptable to watch it collect dust or, worse, handled poorly solely due to a lack of understanding about the publishing industry’s nuances. Why not let experienced people take care of the complicated processes for you? You can sit back and watch your manuscript appear at the Amazon KDP store as a beautifully designed book complete with an eye-catching cover design and matching theme in the inner pages. Let us join hands and make that dream of yours come true today.

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Manuscript evaluation

In this pivotal stage, our skilled team conducts a thorough examination of your manuscript, meticulously identifying areas for enhancement. We delve into the core of your work, offering valuable insights to elevate its overall quality and impact.

Editing and Proofreading

Once the manuscript evaluation is complete, our team transitions into the refinement phase, employing editing and proofreading services to elevate your manuscript. It involves correcting grammatical errors, ensuring proper punctuation, and refining the manuscript for a polished and professional presentation.

Formatting & Typesetting

Our formatting team transforms it into a professional-looking book according to the Amazon publishing guidelines. Finally, we proofread the text to eliminate any visible or hidden errors.

Cover design

Our creative artist team designs attention-grabbing cover art that best captures the feel you want your book to emanate and represents the central idea of your book.


We publish your book on Amazon and take care of all the nuances from start to finish. You don’t have to lift a finger until your book goes live on the Amazon Kindle store.

Collect Royalties

The last step is for you to reap the fruits of your hard work, patience, and dedication. You will receive all payments directly into your bank account. There are no cuts in the royalties you earn.

Professional Publishing Services

Why choose our book publishing services?

Our seasoned professionals are well-versed in the nuances of the publishing industry, ensuring your manuscript receives expert attention at every stage. We believe in keeping you informed at every step, fostering an environment of trust and thorough cooperation. Our high-quality production processes ensure that your book is presented to the world in the best possible way. Explore our success stories, where authors have seen their manuscripts transform into celebrated and widely recognized work.

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